Saturday, August 1, 2009

Snape Snape Severus Snape (Dumbledore!)

Because I'm such a fangirl, this project gets a post allllll to itself. :)

Recently, my friends and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I was about the dorkiest among them, and I was the only one who (semi) dressed up. I wore a Slytherin Tshirt that I have, lightning bolt earrings, and I had pink hair like Tonks. I tried to dress up like as many people as possible. :) I had been considering knitting a house scarf for a while, and even had bought the yarn already, but somehow it got pushed to the back burner and I forgot (typical...). BUT seeing that movie inspired me to make one, so I immediately dug out the burgundy and gold yarn. What I really wanted was a Slytherin scarf, but since I already had the Gryffindor yarn, I decided to start with that. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my 16 inch bamboo circulars, so I had to go to Hobby Lobby and buy some new needles. It set me back about a week because it took me that long to save up the $4 (I had to count change from my change jar because I'm a poor about-to-be college student) and find a ride to the store. But I managed, and finally, using the wonderful pattern from atypically.knit, I cast on!
This is just after knitting the first golden stripe. It kind of looks like a hat at this point. It's less...purple in real life. The gold is also more, well, gold than in these pictures. I was so proud of getting that first 27 burgundy rounds finished that I took a picture of my stich counter to immortalize the moment. :) I was a little afraid of knitting in the round, just because I had never actually done it before, but I actually think I like it better this way. Whenever I knit flat, my edges are always loose, but I avoid that issue when using circs. I was also afraid that when knitting in the round, my joins would be loose because my edges are always loose, but other than the color changes, I can't even tell where my joins are, so that's good.

This is how far I am now. I've just finished the second set of gold stripes. This is what the real color looks like. It's actually starting to look like a scarf! Since I'm working on this and Clapotis at the same time, I carry them both with me, and work on one when I get sick of the other. I guess it's pretty obvious which one I'm more into right now. ;P

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