Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Wow. I really haven't posted in a LONG time. Why, you ask? Craziness. School has been crazy, home has been crazy, and I'm applying to summer programs in the area so I can have something good to write on my college applications next year.

I did, however, get crafty, like I said I would in my last post. I'm designing a scarf (and I'm excited about it). I'm about halfway finished with it (sorry, no pics yet), but I think I might have to put it on hold because I need to work on my dress. I NEED TO. Because Prom is like less than two months away, and I need to finish this darn dress.

In other news, Books-a-Million finally got my copy of Crochet Me in. They never called me, so when I thought it had been long enough, I just went down there myself and sneaked a look at the shelves to see if they had it behind the counter, and sure enough, there it was, with my name stickered to it. I didn't ask if they had it, of course, because I didn't have the money with me at the time to buy it, so I just sort of peeked over the counter while the cashier was with someone else, saw it, and walked out...inconspicuously...like a ninja...of the night...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Triggers Nostalgia

It just started to rain, and I'm feeling inspired. I'm gonna go make something, and watch Dodgeball.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rainbow Spiral Scarf + Pattern

I made this scarf a while ago because I was jonesin' for something rainbow-y. I also luuurrve spirals, so I decided to put the two together, and this is what I got! It's a self-tasseling, spiral, rainbow scarf! Woohoo!

Hoorah for sideways pictures!

My Attempt at a First Time Pattern:

You will need:
Any sort of worsted weight yarn in these seven colors (I used Caron Simply Soft):
Red (A)
Orange (B)
Yellow (C)
Green (D)
Blue (E)
Purple (F)
a size G crochet hook, and a size I hook.

Using the G hook and color A, ch 240. Cut the yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail.
Row 1: attach another strand of A, leaving a six-inch tail, using the I hook HDC in 2nd ch from hook and each ch to end. Cut yarn, leaving six-inch tail.
Row 2: attach B, leaving a 6" tail, HDC in each HDC to end. Cut yarn, leaving a 6" tail.
Row 3-6: Repeat row 2, using C,D,E, and F each row.
Finishing: after you cut the last yarn tail, that's it. The tails make the tassels, and the tightness in the chain, combined with the looseness of the rest of the rows makes the spiral. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

...and by a tad, I mean A LOT.

Hehe, I know I should be working on my dress, but I got distracted again (this time by a pretty vintage hat pattern). It only took me...less than an hour to make, so it was more like a little overdue instant gratification. I needed that. (Sorry, no pics. I haven't taken any yet, and I can't get to it now since I'm at school.)

Also, my sister-in-law's mother let me borrow a BUNCH of old 60's-80's era crochet magazines that she had, and I made some copies. It only took 6 dollars and an entire afternoon to do.Totally worth it. I'll be busy with those for a while. :) I also got 4, yes FOUR, new crafty books. Son of Stitch 'n Bitch, Not Your Mama's Knitting and Crochet, and Crochetme. Crochetme hasn't come in yet (I had the store order it for me) but I'm eagerly waiting, and I have the other three to keep me busy til it gets here. I'm excited about learning to knit, I think it'll be good for me to have more skills in my possession. I'm superduper excited about the double-knit argyle scarf in SOSNB. It's awesome. And the Pseudo-Kimono in Not Your Mama's Crochet is pretty cool too. I just have to remember to finish my dress before doing any of that.

Down, girl.

And for the most superspecialawesome news of the day/month: I GOT MY RAVELRY INVITATION! W007! So after school I'm going to get started on that. YAY! I don't have time to do it now, since I'm at school now (blogging during lunch.)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just a Tad of Crafty ADD...

...could be to blame for this:

Starting this little ditty puts my WIP count at four. Nonetheless, I've decided that the endless rows of HDC's on the bodice of my dress has become something akin to purgatory...so I'm giving knitting another go. I haven't knitted since 9th grade. After I horrible failed at it the first time, I tried it again (three years later) and discovered that I was doing it wrong the whole time. No wonder I couldn't get it right back then. I also found out that I like continental knitting better than the American way, and the Norwegian Purl method is better than regular purling. It's more fun.

I'm thinking this is gonna be an iPod cozy...

...because my iPod has alrady decided that the soft pink yarn is just what he needs (he's very sure of his sexuality).

He even tried to crawl under it and go to sleep, and I had to remind him that it wasn't quite done yet. :)

BTW, the yarn I'm using here is a brand called I Love This Yarn! found exclusively at Hobby Lobby. It's 100% Acrylic, but it's about twice as soft as Red Heart Super Saver (and cheaper too, plus the skeins are slightly bigger than RHSS, I think). Unfortunately, as of now it's only available in a limited array of colors, but hopefully that will change sometime in the future. :)