Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I decided that I'm going to...dundunduuun...crochet my PROM DRESS this year. Mainly because I think it will be a good way for me to dive head first into crocheting (so far I've just been treading shallow water with my hats and scarves and mary-janes and iPod cozies and such). I thought that maybe I should make a sweater or a wrap or something before I did something drastic, but my wild side decided for me that I should do something...wild. So I'm crocheting an evening gown.

I didn't design the thing myself, rather I'm taking a shirt and skirt pattern (the Cupcake from SnB Happy Hooker book for the top and the Spiderweb Skirt for the bottom) and I'm essentially just making both (leaving the decorative bottom off the top) and sewing them together to make a dress. I've drawn up some concepts, and I think it'll look OK. And so far I haven't mucked anything up (even though I'm still on the top part, what's going to be the bodice of the dress.)

So here's a pic or two of what I have so far:

That part goes about halfway up my back, so I only have a few more rows until I shape the armholes and then that part's done. I don't think it's a half bad load for just two days of piddling with it after school.

and here's a detail shot of the "form fitting" part.

AANND, this is what I work on when I get bored at school. It's just a little hat that I piddle with on the side (did I seriously just use that word twice in one post?)

Closeup of the ribs that will soon become cables. The original hat is called Stonepath and it's from Interweave Crochet Magazine. It's a pretty hat that I've already attempted once, but it came out slightly too big for my head, so I'm trying a smaller yarn and hook size, and I'm making it a size smaller. I like the yarn here too because it's a vintage-y rainbow color that's kind of muted, but still funky. It's from an old poncho that someone gave me that I frogged for the yarn (I don't wear ponchos :P ).

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