Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend Knitting

Heavens to Betsy, I had no idea that school starting would put my knitting back so far. I mean, WOW. Senior year has been really busy, and it's only 8 days into school!

My schedule looks like this:

Free period
French 4
AP Environmental Science
World Cultures
AP Statistics
Geographic Information Systems
British Literature

And since we're on a rotation system, I have six of those periods each day, skipping a different class each day until the seventh day. Then the rotation starts all over. It's just a way for us to cram more classes into less time. Good idea, I guess. I'm going to start my application for UNC Asheville this Tuesday after school with my college counselor. Thank GOD I have her, otherwise I'd be SUNK. This whole high school/graduation/college thing is making me more nervous than a whore in church.

On another note, Close Knit just opened up in Gastonia, just off Franklin Blvd. YAY! Finally an LYS for me to call my own. :D I 'm about as happy as a mouse in a cheese factory. I went down there last week to check it out, and it's AWESOME! The owner is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and, as it turns out, her husband actually designed the performing arts center at my school. Small world, eh? Also, there's a girl MY AGE who works there after school sometimes and she knits! It's awesome, because I've never actually met another knitting teenager! She told me she hadn't either. They have a knit night down there every Tuesday evening (known as the "Chicks with Sticks" How cute. :) ) and I'm looking forward to going this Tuesday. :) YAY!

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