Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Je ne suis pas pense...

I have been crafting, I swear. I just can't post any pictures up right now. And who wants to hear me talk about things I'm making? People want pictures!

Unfortunately, the "good" computer crashed, and now the only computer that works in the house is a ten-year-old iMac (which, I might add, is ten years old and STILL WORKS. I can't say the same for the BRAND NEW PC, which has crashed twice in as many years.) Sadly, the PC was the computer that I used the most because the iMac is just too old and small (it has a whopping 10G hard ipod is bigger than that...) and can't handle all my pictures/music. (Which are gone now, thank you very much Windows.) 

For those of you who are wondering (and by that I mean that one lonely, lovely follower I have (thank you Lauria, for making my day :) )) I have made a crocheted hat, and I'm working on two scarves, one crocheted, and one knit, with crocheted edging. I'd show you how good they look, but since I can't upload pictures, you'll just have to take my word for it. 

I'll try to get pictures up, but as it is, my relationship with technology is a little unstable at the moment. I'm afraid if I plug my camera into the iMac, it just might explode or something.


Upon reading over this post, I just became aware of how much I love adding things in using parentheses.

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